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"Legislature, one of the three pillars of Democracy. It has power to enact legislations and monitor Executives. Samarthan is the only organisation in the state of Maharashtra that works so closely with the Legislature. Samarthan works with Legislature during the sessions and also during the non-session period. Samarthan works with more than 100 Legislators across the political parties. Samarthan attaches much importance to its work with Legislature for the reason that any assurance made by ministers in the Legislature is binding up on government. It also works with the party offices in the Legislature and Secretariat of Legislature. Samarthan works with them in following manner:``

  • Samarthan briefs Legislators on various issues / cases that reach Samarthan from all over the state and that need to be addressed in the Legislature.

  • Samarthan keeps follow up of such issues from session to session.

  • Samarthan assists Legislators in drafting appropriate device for specific issues.

  • Samarthan analyses the policies of the government including budget and provides the analysis to Legislators, they refer to it during discussions in the House.

  • Samarthan keeps track of the recommendations made by the Subject Committees of Legislature through RTI and devices like starred and unstarred questions.

  • Samarthan analyses information and publishes reports on functioning of Legislature, with a view to make it more effective.

  • Samarthan from time to time advocates need for mechanisms that will make Legislature effective, mechanisms like Standing Committees or discussion on reports of Subject Committees, etc

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