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"Samarthan`s mission statement underlines that it is dedicated towards establishment of the social justice envisaged by the Constitution of India. Various activities are undertaken by Samarthan towards the goal.``

  • Samarthan supports social action groups in filing and follow up of cases of human rights violation with state level mechanisms, like State Secretariat, State Police Headquarters, Legislature, State Human Rights Commission and High Court.

  • Samarthan generates discussion on various issues in Legislature through Legislators and also by highlighting them in state level media.

  • Samarthan undertakes strategic advocacy campaigns to support grass roots struggles, on issues that have policy implications.

  • Samarthan works as a resource centre for Right to Information Act. Individuals and organisations all over the state, when have difficulties in implementing the act, take guidance from Samarthan. Samarthan assists them if their case is to be followed up at Information Commission in Mumbai.

  • Samarthan keeps track of the recommendations made by the Subject Committees of Legislature through RTI and devices like starred and unstarred questions.
  • Samarthan through its reports and publications highlights the issues, generates discussion, disseminates information.

  • Samarthan conducts workshops for activists and rural journalists with the aim to build their leadership capacities, to enhance their knowledge and skills, so that they can work more effectively.

  • Samarthan Human Rights Awards: Media plays an important role in opinion making. Effective media plays role of Leader of Opposition. Many a times, it is media that generates discussions, heads discussions on important issues, throws light on sensitive cases. Policy makers, executives and courts have to take cognizance of media reports. Samarthan understands importance of effective media. Samarthan over the years has observed that rural media almost plays a role of an activists. The rural media persons works in odd circumstances compared to their counterparts in cities. Lack of facilities, political pressures, little appreciation, aggression are common for rural journalists who write on sensitive human rights issues. These are the reasons Samarthan is felicitating rural journalists for last 13 years. 3 years back Samarthan introduced an award to rural journalist from electronic media as well.

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